To Shift Structure and Physiology is to shift Perception and Change Mood

ST squared is a post graduate training for qualified, practicing and motivated therapists who wish to expand their work. For somatic therapists it will take you into the psycho-social realm where you will explore the transformative power of the human mind as well as enhancing your bodywork skills. For therapists whose primary work is with the mind and the verbal realm, it will introduce you to the transformative power of touch as well as deeply enriching your knowledge of the mind and the power of words.

Our speciality is one to one intensive training although we do offer group trainings on various aspects of somatic and social transformation (see sidebar).

Our one to one programme is 20 days and costs 4500 euros.

Currently, these are only held in Fermoy, Co Cork in Southern Ireland.

Please contact us for further details on course logistics, local accommodation and transport etc.

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2015 DATES

Michigan USA

19th March 2015

Washington USA

11th March 2015 

Michigan USA

18th September 2015